Monday, May 16, 2016

Giant inflatable rabbits!

I got my first smartphone a few weeks ago, and in between learning how it works, data usage and how to answer the phone without hanging up on people or putting them on hold (both of which I've done) I've been playing with the camera.

Australian artist, Amanda Parer, had an installation downtown last week, and Intrude sounded like an extremely photogenic display. Unfortunately, it rained, which meant that most of the sculptures were deflated. But there was one set up inside, so I took pictures of that.

The rabbit is 40 feet tall. My head doesn't even come up to his paw. Still it was low light, and there was only the one, which was kind of disappointing. But since I was downtown already, I went on another few blocks and saw our local rabbit.

Any photo expedition that ends with a bottle of wine and a jar of honey can't be all bad.

For more information on Amanda Palmer and Intrude (including better photos):