30 Day Challenge Photo Gallery

A new picture every day for the entire month of October 2012.

October 25th - this is when I got sick and stayed in bed for a week. No pictures. Trust me, you don't want to see that. - Rebecca

Oct 24th - Signs

Oct 23rd - leeks

Oct 22nd - Swiss chard

Oct 21st - weed whacking injury

Oct 20th - lawn egret

Oct 19th - Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernandez

Oct 18th - luxury

Oct 17th - squash star

Oct 16th - why don't they make books this pretty anymore?
Oct 15th - horse

Oct 14th - white mums
Oct 13th - toon'brella

Oct 12th - behind the sun

Oct 11th - Lirope

Oct 10 - pecans

Oct 9th - border

Oct 8th - hood ornament

Oct 7th - glass jellyfish
Oct 6th - pumpkins and squash

Oct 5th - bird feeder
Oct 4th - what are you looking at?

October 3rd - Acorns!

Oct 2nd - Sago palm
October 1st - Office View

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