Thursday, December 16, 2010

Places to have lunch: City Hall

The old city hall: I love the art deco architecture.

If you are downtown on a Wednesday consider the City Hall Farmer's Market.  The variety was amazing: Greek, crepes, tamales, tacos, gumbo, cheese steaks, Indian food, cupcakes.  And since you are wandering from stall to stall, you aren't limited to one particular cuisine. You could start with a greek salad, move on to tacos, and finish with crepes!

Or if you really want a treat, splurge on a macaron.

And I do mean splurge, that little cookie was two bucks. But it was an absolutely sublime way to spend two bucks: crisp meringue cookies on either side of a buttercream filling, a very high-end oreo. The one pictured is peppermint, but there were lemon, cassis, pistachio, and others I can't remember. The best cookie I've eaten in a long while. 

If you want to pick up something for dinner, there are other stands selling pickles, breads, cheeses, carrots, (I'm sure I saw turnips) and the biggest salad bowl I've ever seen. Seriously, it was the size of an ottoman.

And to toss your salad, you can get some custom wooden spoons made by this man.

Matt Adams of Stormware Creations. A green artisan, he only works with salvaged wood and he does take commissions. He was working with another man, Jeremy Grubb, who does furniture as well. ( We had a nice chat about wood types and furniture.  I'm not in the market, but if you are check them out.

I wandered around, had some gumbo, did some people watching and just enjoyed the day.

Bon appetit!

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