Monday, August 8, 2016

White Linen Night

It is a constant battle to keep from becoming a recluse. I always have wonderful excuses to stay home. For example, this weekend, when I attended White Linen Night.

White Linen Night is a street fair in Houston's Heights neighborhood. There are bands and food trucks, lots of booths selling the work of local artists, and everyone is supposed to wear white linen. (it's supposed to be cooler.)

The excuse making voices in my head said, "It's going to be crowded, hot, sweaty and expensive. Stay home and watch Netflix."

And it was hot, crowded, sweaty and expensive. Dinner (at Shade) was approximately $70. I won't even go into the art prices.  But it was a lot more interesting than staying home and watching Netflix.

Korean-Mexican food truck - I didn't eat here, but I loved the decoration.

I have no idea

My favorite part - I heard arias from Little Women, La Fille du Regiment, and the bolero Besame Mucho.


  1. That painting in the last image is beautiful, at least through what I can see in that snippet. Perhaps better said: The paintwork on that painting snippet is beautiful!

    I would have gone if I didn't have other plans already lined up. Despite the heat, which was atrocious. I wish they'd have White Linen Nights in the fall or spring. It's still hot enough then for white linen (but not quite hot enough for heat stroke).

    1. The art wasn't really to my taste, but I liked the way she did the sun.

      I'm sure all the white was supposed to look cool and elegant, but I just kept looking around and thinking "Baptism".