Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Weekend in the Country

Last weekend, I went to my friend's farm. I was officially there to help build a fence. But my total lack of fence building ability was blatantly obvious, and I can't drive a tractor, so instead I made coleslaw, helped watch children and dogs, and dug sweet potatoes.

The completed fence
 Sometimes, it's nice to have physical labor to do. It takes your mind off other things.

late-season blackberries
It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect, and the fall colors, (what colors we get) were starting to show. And there was the added bonus of seeing Michelle's fall garden, which is doing quite well.  She sent me home with a head of lettuce and some radishes. I love having friends who garden.

mushrooms on the lawn - they formed hemi-spherical pods


eggplant blossom


Our sweet potato haul - unfortunately, I hate sweet potatoes
tomatillos - not ripe yet

late bloomers

Happy Wednesday.

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