Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ch- ch- ch- changes

I've been away from the blog a long time. Here are the highlights of the past few months:

  • My apartment was broken into and my cameras and jewelry were stolen.
  • I bought a house
  • I moved.
  • My beloved cat of 15 years is gone (presumed dead)
As you can see, it's been crazy, and mostly depressing.  The biggest blow was losing Buddy. He was furry sunshine and not easily replaced.

If you want an exercise in frustration, try house shopping. It is not fun. It makes you reconsider moving. (It's not that bad. The oven works most of the time. I'm used to hearing the neighbors having drunken sex on weekends. They're hardly going to rob me a second time. etc.)   But I ignored all that and signed my life over to the mortgage company. (Only 29 years and 9 months to go!)

And I like the house. I do. It's really well laid out, it's comfortable. But I keep seeing things that need doing. Things that will cost money. I knew this, but it still a shock when you realize that you need to buy major appliances, pegboard the garage, buy a lawnmower and gardening equipment.

Still I've been depressed and bored and I wanted to shake up my life. I think this counts as a shake up, don't you?

I have a dining room!

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