Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Cards

Oldest mass-produced Christmas Card - circa 1843!
I love letters.

E-mail does not come close to the thrill of getting a real letter or postcard, something with actual stamps on it. A letter that a friend of mine took the time to write and put in the mail means something to me. A letter is a gift, in and of itself, even if the news is boring. 

I try to keep up the habit of writing letters. I'm far from perfect, and I don't send nearly enough, but I insist on sending Christmas cards. Electronic cards are ok, there are some beautiful ones out there, and it beats being forgotten altogether, but I'd rather get a real card. 

And aren't the cards themselves fabulous? Small pieces of mass-produced art. Who wouldn't love getting one of these in the mail?

Very 50s - I can see my grandparents sending this card

I love how it looks like an ornate paper cutting

a minimalist aesthetic - for your more design oriented friends

I love the idea of this one - very clever


Friday Fun Video
Not your average Jingle Bells.


  1. I adore letters, too! And I've felt a little guilty this year, enjoying all the holiday cards I've gotten--including yours!--without having sent any myself. Also, I received two postcards from traveling friends this fall--and didn't send any on my recent Belize trip.

    My challenge is that I have so few addresses of people now. Maybe I hold make a New Year's Resolution to collect them.


  2. I sent out emails to people asking for their addresses. Everyone loves to hear they are on the Christmas card list. :)