Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm on vacation!

It lights up too!
Now I can go shopping!

Seriously, I have the problem recipient.
He's an awkward size, so clothes are not an option (you can only buy someone so many scarves)
He's not into sports. so I can't get him team jerseys or anything like that.
He lives in Asia, so any electronics, movies etc I can buy here won't work on his machines/current.
He doesn't read (for entertainment value anyway) and his hobby is rowing.
And whatever I buy has to be portable and go through customs.

The way I see it, my options fall into two categories:

1. Buy something that can be consumed during his visit. One of those novelty popcorn tins, a bottle of wine, beef jerky. (and before you say chocolate, he's not into sweets) or

2. Wacky presents. Something completely off the wall. Last year, my father gave me a glow in the dark jellyfish paperweight, which turned out to be the thing I never knew I wanted. (Really, it's very cool.) But truly wacky presents are hard to find, and you run the risk of "what the #%$ is this?"

So I'm going to be drifting among the shelves for the next couple of days. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Friday Fun Video
Not to add any more pressure, but what are your plans for New Years? I'm thinking potato chips and champagne.

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  1. There are probably some cool rowing items at REI or another outdoor outfitter, I'd think?

    Or how about a magazine subscription? US magazines can be delivered internationally.