Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Diet Update: Week 1

As promised, the diet update. This is my last week and a half:

Days on the diet: 10
Today's weight: 274.8
Total pounds lost: 8

And feeling pretty good. I have been diligent about cooking so I would have diet-appropriate food to bring for lunch. When I went out with friends last weekend I ordered vegetable heavy items and I limited my drinking to one glass of wine. (Not that big a sacrifice - the wine was not very good.)

I know eight pounds is a sizable loss for ten days, but
  • you always lose more at the start, and
  • the more you have to lose, the easier the first pounds come off
I have a long way to go. A woman of my height (5 ft 6) should weigh between 125-145 pounds. I've got at least 130 more pounds to lose. Sigh.

Still, I've started.

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  1. Eighth pounds!?! That's fantastic! Great work for week one, my friend!