Thursday, January 30, 2014

Washoku: Fun with tofu

Mushrooms about to be roasted
I have completed two recipes: Basic Sea Stock (dashi) and Silken Tofu Topped with Mushrooms (tofu no kinoko an kake). The stock is incredibly simple. Soak kelp in water for 15 minutes, bring it to just under a boil, steep with bonito for four minutes and strain.  The result is a slightly thickened (the glutamates in the kelp do that) pale yellow liquid with a very mild flavor. 

With my nice new stock, I made tofu topped with mushrooms. Again, very simple recipe. Put mushrooms in a pan with oil and cook until they become soft and brown, add stock, soy, mirin, and salt.

The tofu (drained and pressed) is heated in the microwave (the paper towels are to soak up the liquid that comes out).

Pour the mushrooms over the tofu, sprinkle with scallions and serve.

Isn't it pretty?
The result is not bad. I admit my Western tastebuds think sauteing the mushrooms in garlic and butter would improve this a lot, but it's really a nice meal. It's filling but not heavy and you feel so virtuous after eating it. It's not totally vegetarian (fish flakes in the stock) but you could use vegetarian stock instead if you want to be truly vegan about it.

2 down,  132 recipes to go!

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