Friday, January 3, 2014

Review: The 2013 To-Do List

I had some plans for last year. I set out a list of 14 things I wanted to do. I overreached myself, but I expected to. I always figure it's better to plan big. I might not manage all of it, but I do get a lot accomplished that I wouldn't have otherwise.

So how did I do?

1. Go to the Blanco Lavender Festival. - I've been thinking about it for years. This year, I want to go.
I not only went, I wrote a blog post about it. I also took one of my favorite photos of the year.

It's the picture postcard of version of Texas, isn't it? 

2. Take a vacation out of the country. - I don't know where yet, but I feel the need to get some stamps on my passport.
I tried, but I had a brain spasm and booked the holiday for the wrong week. When I tried to correct the problem, the plane tickets tripled in price. So now I have a credit with the airline that I must use before November. A trip is definitely in my future.

3. Make a photo-book
About half done. The photos are the easy part. The hard part is figuring out what order to place them in. I will continue working on this one.

4. Read Don Quixote - I've started it about six times, but never finished it.
Make that seven attempts. It's just such a big book. I can't carry it with me and dip into it when I have a free moment. Maybe a use for an e-reader?

5. Buy a new sofa - mine is about to collapse
I get extra credit here: I bought two sofas. (I've got a big living room.) Best part? They're red.

6. Three blog entries a week
If you read this blog, you know that didn't happen. I ran out of ideas in June and didn't get around to starting the blog again until my friend Leslie (gently) kicked me in the butt in November. My apologies.

7. Take my lunch to work instead of buying it 
A complete success! It's become automatic. I haven't been keeping track, but this has probably had a salutary effect on both my health and my bank balance.

8. Refinish the living room shelves and my old bed
I claim partial credit on this one. The shelves have been done. The bed is in the garage. Maybe this year.

9. Lose 100 lbs -I gained 6 lbs over the holiday - ugh.
Total failure. But I didn't gain any weight either. I am at equilibrium. 

10. Write a letter to a friend every other week
This one didn't work either. I did write some, but nowhere close to this level.

11. Max out my Roth IRA
Partial credit. Sofas are expensive.

12. Read one novel by Charles Dickens
I had better luck with Don Quixote, which I at least started. I dusted the books, that was all. 

13. Improve my knowledge of MadCap Flare - I want to get beyond basic competence.
I did this. I wouldn't say I'm a master, but I'm better than I was. It's a complicated program.

14. Learn to use the Bamboo I've had in the closet for the last year
I unpacked it, tried it out, and came to the conclusion that I don't really have a use for it. I'm giving it to my Dad.

Next week, I'll go into my plans for 2014. Prepare to be amazed!

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  1. If you hit every goal you set for yourself, I'd have said you set the bar too low. Sounds to me like you had a very successful 2013!