Monday, June 10, 2013

Hill Country Lavender

If you remember, the very first item on my list of Goals for 2013 was:

The festival was last weekend and I made the trip to Blanco to see all the purple flowers.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot in the way of flowers to see, actually. There is drought in the Hill Country, and the growers are trying very hard to just keep the plants alive. Still, there was lavender soap, essential oil, cookies, jams, lavendar spice rubs, sachets, and honey. I bought some soap and honey to support the growers and went exploring. After all, there is more to the Hill Country than lavender.

There's cattle

He let me take this picture, then sat down with his back facing the fence - he'd been photographed enough for one day
 And wildflowers

I don't know what it is, but the ants love it.
Blanco Courthouse - doesn't it look like the Munsters should live here?
Clay flowers
Cowhides, for that genuine Western look

Octopus suncatcher - isn't he cute?
Horses grazing, Johnson City
 And don't forget this is the home of Presidents

The LBJ state park is right around the corner
I stopped in Brenham along the way and had an ice cream cone. Actually, if you stop in Brenham, you must purchase ice cream, it's the law.

Black cherry, if you're interested. It was VERY good.
And what could be better than spending an afternoon with a book and a large iced tea, under the live oak?

I need this tree in my backyard. I would need to demolish the neighbor's house, but it would be worth it.

And now I'm back and rested and ready to start the week. Happy Monday y'all!

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  1. So glad you went! Sorry I never got back to you on joining--June has been nuts with work for some reason. So if I had gone, I would have just driven you nuts with my stressed-out-ness. And even still... you probably had a better time going solo. Sounds so relaxing! (And I love the pictures!)