Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Been to the movies lately?

I love going to the movies. I can immerse myself in the story and forget about the world for 90 minutes. Therapy for 8 bucks (20 if you include popcorn), not a bad deal.
I most recently say Now You See Me, which is about a group of magicians pulling off a bank heist (among other things).  All I can say is I was confused the whole time and I definitly did not see the end coming.  Great turns by Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Woody Harrelson. David Copperfield was a consultant on the film, so the illusions are top notch. It was fun, but after you leave the theater, you realize the story doesn't make much sense, but that didn't stop The Matrix did it?
The latest Star Trek, Star Trek: Into Darkness is a lot of fun. All the Trekkie geeks can talk about how it compares to a previous movie (I won't say which one, because I don't want to spoil it for anybody) and Benedict Cumberbatch (the villain) gets to chew the scenery and have a grand old time.
However, if you are the type who will get all upset about the physics not being correct, then don't go. It will only infuriate you, because the physics is completely improbable. But if you can let that go, it's one heck of a ride.
As much as I love a good space opera, I'm also a fan of French film, and I recently stumbled on My Afternoons with Margueritte. It's available on Amazon Prime, and YouTube (And probably Netflix, but I was having trouble logging on so I couldn't check.)  And it's too good not to share.
It's not dubbed, so you will have to read subtitles (désolé), but the characters will warm your heart. It's about kindnes and the transformative power of literature. If this sounds stuffy, I promise you it's not. It's actually a good film if you want to learn how to swear in French, because there is a whole lot of it.
But this is all just killing time until the movie I'm waiting for comes out:
Despicable Me 2!

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