Monday, June 3, 2013

New eyes

I can't see. Really, without corrective lenses I am pretty hopeless; I have to pick the alarm clock up from the bedside table in order to read it.  So I am dependent on my lenses.
Twice a month, on the first and the 15th I get a new pair, which I think of as "getting new eyes." For me it's a reminder to pay attention, to the world around me, to look for and notice details. And those details often make my day. Once, sitting in traffic, I saw that someone had drawn a smiley face on the underside of the bridge, that hidden smile made sitting at the light more bearable.
I love the way the backyard fence is turning the soft silver grey of weathered wood; how the my cat flirts with me when she wants something, trying to speak to me with her eyes and the set of her whiskers. And yesterday, the way the purple flowers just cried out for the purple glass vase.

There's such a lot to see, we just have to remember to pay attention.

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