Friday, June 7, 2013

The Tonys

I'm a Broadway baby, raised on musicals. I could sing the entire score of Sweeny Todd when I was 10. I know all the crowd pleasers, and few flops (Two by Two anybody?) but there is nothing quite like a good Broadway show.

Smash, a television show about a Broadway musical, was cancelled this year. It was a lot of fun. It was a musical in and of itself, and I enjoyed every last moment. But I am not among those who mourn its passing. I think it ended appropriately. The story was about bringing a show to Broadway, which they did, and the last episode was at the Tony Awards, an ideal ending point and culmination of the series.

But the reason I'm bringing all this up, is that this weekend is the Tony Awards! They are so much better than the Oscars, because the nominees actually do parts of the show, showing you why they were nominated at all. The music is great, and they are mercifully brief. (3 hours, including commercials). There is no red carpet, no after party nonsense, The Tonys move. Compare that with the insane, (and often inane) daylong coverage of the Oscars and you understand what I mean.

And as an added bonus, Neil Patrick Harris is hosting this year. He's done it before, beautifully, so I anticipate a great show.

Have a great weekend, and I'll meet you in front of the telly on Sunday!

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  1. My father LOVES musicals, so we watched them all the time growing up, live and recorded. I know many of the classics by heart.

    That said, awards shows just bore me to tears anymore. I used to love watching the Oscars, but now that I don't bother seeing movies much anymore and, therefore, don't follow film, they just seem completely random to me. And you're right--the red carpet stuff goes on FOREVER.

    For me, the one reason to watch the Tony's would be NPH. Love him.