Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Art Weekend

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston  just ended its show "Picasso: Black and White". I went to see it last weekend while it was still here. Some of it was incredible, hauntingly beautiful, and some of it made me wonder if he was arguing with the sitter. There's one bronze in particular that looked like one of those squeeze toys where the eyes pop out. What do you think?

Anyway, after spending so much time looking at works by one of the acclaimed genius' of the 20th century, I felt inspired to look for more art on the streets of Houston.  They may not be Picasso, but they are free.
Watching over the parking lot, guarding the cars
A reminder that there is more to life than traffic, visible from 59 South
Making the Wendy's parking lot a brighter place

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  1. You know, I saw that exhibit early in its run (and was surprised to get in free as a Bank of America customer--interesting perk).

    I was pretty underwhelmed, I must say. I know it's good to have a schtick as an artist, but it sure seemed like for the vast majority of his work, Picasso was in a rut.

    However, I should qualify this observation by saying that, other than in a few of his works ("Guernica" being one of them), I'm not huge passionate about Picasso.