Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Home Improvement: The Pantry

As you all know, I like to cook. So I have a lot of spices in the house. But they are always sold in little jars that end up crammed onto a shelf with a lot of other little jars, so it's hard to see what you have. This is how I ended up with three jars of rosemary last year.

My favorite herb
I needed a spice rack. So my father, who has never met a woodworking project he didn't like, built me one.
This is no ordinary spice rack, I'll have you know.

It's custom made to fit not just the door but the spices. I'm not kidding, he measured the jars, so that the big ones would fit, the little ones wouldn't fall out, and the labels on all of them would be visible. 

It's affixed to the door with 10 screws and hot glue, making it a permanent fixture. It's solid as a rock with the capacity to hold 63 standard size spice jars. If this doesn't add to the value of the house, I don't know what will.

I know this is rather silly, pointless bragging, but I'm excited. I have a spice rack!

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  1. Can I borrow your dad?