Saturday, May 25, 2013

Which Dickens?

My late grandmother was an Anglophile. If it came from the UK, it was good. She had tea from Harrods and Wedgewood china, pins from Scotland painted with thistles, and a treasured picture of her cousin shaking hands with the queen. But mostly she had books, lots and lots of books. And I inherited from her the complete works of Charles Dickens.

Of these, I have read exactly one: Great Expectations, because it was required to pass my English literature class. I remember liking the book more than I expected, but I haven't picked up any more of them. I am going to change that this summer.

Which one should I read? Nicholas Nickleby? Barnaby Rudge? the Mystery of Edwin Drood? or maybe Little Dorrit, or The Old Curiosity Shop. I could skip fiction altogether and read the travelogue of his American tour - American Notes.

I am asking your advice, O wise denizens of the blogosphere. What should I read this summer?

Weekend Fun Video
The muppets take on Charles Dickens best known story.

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  1. True confessions: Dickens is one of my favorite authors.

    If I had to pick just one other than Great Expectations, I'd go for David Copperfield, which is amazing and sticks in my mind still. Although Tale of Two Cities is pretty iconic and fantastic as well....

    So hard to choose! Let us know what you think!