Monday, May 13, 2013

Art Car!

One of the highlights of the Houston year is the annual Art Car Parade. It's run by the same people that run the Orange Show, which I talked about in this blog last year.

Anyway, I had a terrific time: I walked till my feet hurt, took over a hundred pictures and got a touch of sunburn, making me a genuine redneck. Then I went home and collapsed on the couch. Art car really takes it out of you!

One of the things I most love about the parade, is that people dress to complement their vehicle. It's practically unsporting to not wear something that goes with the car. So it's not just a tribute to what people can do with time, glue, and welding equipment, it's also prime people watching.

And if you can't the parade, check out the art car museum!

Don't slip!
his fist lights up and the cape moves up and down
I think they're bumblebees?
I don't know what the theme is, but I love how the top of the bumpers are crotcheted and the entire car is actually carved, it looks like paint until you get up close
a bubble wrap dinosaur
Anyone for breakfast?

The colonel, driving his drumstick

Death's motorcycle
zebra dancer
Viva Lucha!

the whole car was decorated with soda cans - "Pop" art

 Misses America!

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  1. I missed it this year, and I didn't feel too badly about it because the last year I went, a lot of the same cars rolled by--and a lot of the new ones just seemed like the person didn't even try. Looks like I missed a few good new ones this year, though, which makes me look forward to next year even more!