Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing with my camera: The Orange Show

If you live in Houston, you've heard of The Orange Show, one man's incredibly quirky, theme park tribute to his favorite fruit.

It's been about a decade since I last visited. It's basically the same. Brightly painted, full of odd remnents and self-taught welding.

He obviously never met a tile remment he didn't like, or a tractor seat.

It's oddly romantic, filled with hearts and even a wishing well. (No. I won't tell you what I wished for. It won't come true if I tell you.)

But the real news is that on the land next door, they are building Smither Park, which looks like it's going to be The Orange Show to the 3rd power. It is going to take a while to finish (mosaic is not a rapid process), but I had a blast looking around.
This is going to be unbelievably beautiful when they finish.

Love the cat at the angel's feet, and that the wings are covered with keys!

I'm not sure what this little creature is, but I love the way they used pool balls for eyes.
I was speaking with one of the volunteers/artists and they do accept donations, so if you want to help build the park, go to their website:

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