Monday, September 24, 2012

Things So Do In Suburbia: Craft Fair

Still wandering aroud my new town. This past weekend was the Atascocita Arts and Craft Fair, held in the parking lot behind the 24 hour fitness.

I go to these things not to buy, but to see what people come up with. I am always impressed by creativity, I may not like the objects themselves, (I have no desire for maribou pen toppers) but I applaud the spirit.

It was mostly the usual things: scented candles, beaded necklaces, the aforementioned feathered pens, plywood yard decorations (all Halloween themed). One man was selling crosses made by wiring together various rocks. One of the more inventive (and with a big sign saying No Photographs) was a woman who made handbags out of old pairs of jeans. Not something I want now, but I would have been all over those when I was 14.

The most traditionally artistic booth was a man who makes pencil sketches of cowboys and Texas history

But the most interesting was a woman who made cactus sculptures. I have eaten nopales, seen them used as fencing, and as low water-use landscaping, but this is the most inventive use of prickly pear I have ever seen.  And they were selling - half her stock had 'Sold' signs on them, and the fair had only been open an hour and a half.  After all, who doesn't need a T-Rex cactus in their life?

After the fair, I was driving around and found a house with what has become a common problem since last year's drought: a dead tree in the front yard.  Most people cut the tree down; the thrifty save the logs for firewood, the more inventive make furniture, but these people were a LOT more imaginative than that. 


They made a totem pole! 

And people say the suburbs are boring.

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