Friday, September 28, 2012

Closet Fashionista

Very few people know this, but I follow fashion. I pay attention to the design news, I have favorite designers and track what's in and out. (Metallic studs are in for accessories this fall - pass it on.) I wouldn't say I'm cutting edge, but I'm relatively well informed.

This is only a surprise to people because very little of this is reflected in what I wear. The problem with most fashion is that a lot of it is designed for the slender of hip and small of bust (unless it's lingerie -but that's a whole other category). I don't fall into this body type. Even in my skinny phases (which I am not currently in, alas!) I am still a curvy girl. 

This is not a post hating on the skinny. If you fall into the blessed sizes, more power to you. I get a lot of enjoyment watching from the sidelines. For instance, I think this is witty, but on me, it would look like my boobs were winking at passers-by. (That could have interesting ramifications - but I definitely couldn't wear it to work.)

My uniform is neutral trousers, a long sleeved top, and fabulous earrings. Sometimes a scarf or jacket if it's chilly out. It's pared down, it's appropriate, it's practical, but I long to be able to go crazy and wear something as glam-rock as these boots.

But common sense (where could I wear something like that?) and mortgage payments (Jimmy Choo Dalia Tall Boot, $3,495 - Yowch!) compel me to quieter, practical clothing.  Sigh. Does anyone else feel stifled by their wardrobe?

Friday Feel-Good Video
If this doesn't make you want to move your feet, you  are probably dead.

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