Monday, May 6, 2013

This has to be a joke

I took the Proust Questionnaire this weekend. A Proust Questionnaire is a nineteenth century parlor game; a list of questions that is supposed to reveal something about the personality of the person taking the quiz. 

Questions are things like: What is your greatest fear? What is your motto? What trait do you most admire? etc...

Vanity Fair has been getting celebrities to answer a version of the questionnaire for years, and has compiled the interviews into a book. To promote the book, they have created an interactive version of the questionnaire online. You submit your answers and you can see how you stack up against celebrities who have taken the quiz.

My two closest matches were:

Julie Andrews

Karl Rove
I want to see how they calculated this. There's something seriously wrong here.

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  1. Yeah, based on your results, I see no reason to submit to the exam.