Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day and other things

It's Valentine's Day, and I could be snarky, or bitter, or above it all, but honestly, I like the holiday. So I don't have a sweetheart, so what? That doesn't mean I live a life devoid of love.

I  think the problem is that people narrow the focus to romantic love, which is sad. Don't you love your parents, friends, kids, siblings and pets too? Be generous. Isn't that one of the best things about love? It's generosity? It's not like it's going to run out.

And if the commercialization turns you off, don't buy anything. Give the creativity muscles a workout and bake their favorite cookies, run their errands for them, rent a favorite movie and make popcorn for a cozy night in, or be really romantic and write, on paper, an honest-to-goodness love letter. Not a text, not a card, a love letter. It will last longer than the cookies and be treasured forever.

Or just take a moment to tell that person or persons that you care.  That's all Valentine's Day is about anyway.


In other news, did you see men's slope style skiing last night?  I thought the boarders were impressive, but the skiers go up the jumps backwards! Insane! am I right?

Maggie Voisin
In sadder news Evgeni Plushenko withdrew last night. I don't blame him, anyone with eyes could see the man was in pain. So in tribute to a great athlete, a video of what's not his best performance, but probably one of his most memorable. And it's a great Tom Jones song. Happy Valentine's Day!

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