Monday, May 5, 2014

Dragon Boats!

Wasn't last weekend lovely? just gorgeous, sunny, low humidity, a trifle hot, but as long as there was shade it okay.

Perfect weather for a regatta, in fact.

 Saturday was the 14th Annual Houston Dragon Boat Festival

I didn't get there at the beginning, but there were multiple heats, so I was still able to see a lot of action.  It's exciting when those boats come barreling down the bayou, with drums beating.  

And to while away time between heats, there are performances.  I watched the Houston ShaoLin Kung Fu Academy do a series of exercises, and then the DJ played the theme to Love Boat, Sponge Squarepants and other traditional nautical ditties.  
waiting for their turn onstage
I loved this team's slogan "Victory or Valhalla!"
There was food, drink, a bouncy castle, information on dragon boat racing, a tourism booth for the Philippines, and a guy with the coolest kites ever.

How was your weekend?

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