Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Seasonal Decorating

We've had a cold front, and I find myself changing the look of the house. Retiring the bright colors that seemed right for summer, and looking for richer colors to complement the new season. I've removed the blue and white tablecloth. Preferring, for now, to appreciate the table's black painted finish. I get gourds from the market and candles from the closet to make a centerpiece.

I move the ferns to a window where they will get more light and debate if I should put the blue water jars in the closet for the winter.  

I look at the mantel and think about what I have that can liven it up. I check my closets and kitchen and find a pair of black jasperware bowls, that filled with colorful leaves and greenery, will add some life to the mantel, and complement the painting above it.

Do I have to buy anything?  I visit the local crafts stores and look at the silk florals, thinking about ways to fill those bowls.  I try a few arrangements, but everything is too bright and covered with glitter. I end up going home and using what I already have.

I’m looking at the rest of the house with a critical eye, wondering what I can do to freshen it up a little. Change the bedspread? Put candles in the library?

These changes are not necessary. They are grace notes, a way of acknowledging the changing seasons and stretching my creative muscles a little.

Do you do seasonal (not holiday) decorating?

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