Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Big furry monster!!

My house is being turned upside down. By him.

Don't let the cute puppy act fool you. He is a furry demon, spawned by Cerberus, and I have two cats who will corroborate my testimony. 

His name is Rocky, and fortunately, he is not permanent. I am dog sitting for my parents; soon they will reclaim him and I will once again be able to sleep.

I've tried to explain that Rocky likes cats, but George and Bailey don't believe that story for an instant. They can clearly see that he is a dog, and dogs are not to be trusted.  To their credit, it hasn't been violent. There have been some epic staring contests, and every once in a while Rocky intentionally barks at the cats to make them jump. It mostly comes down to two things, who gets petted and property rights.

Get that DOG out of my house.
First, the cats resent sharing me with Rocky. They can't quite decide if they are more upset with me, (for being a traitor and petting that DOG, not to mention letting him in the house) or with Rocky, who is stealing the petting that by rights belongs to them. Then there are the sleeping arrangements. 

After he arrived, George and Bailey took possession of the master suite (the closet has a lot of good hiding spots), and Rocky got the living room and kitchen.  But Rocky doesn't understand borders, and keeps going into the bedroom at night, wanting me to pet him. The cats are not about to share the bedroom with him, and while I have attempted to mediate, discussions have broken down. I have now spent several nights sleeping on the living room sofa. 

Why am I in exile with the dog you might ask? Because if I lock him out of the bedroom he whines so that I can't sleep at all. If I stay in the living room with him, he settles down, and I can (sort of) sleep. 

I like Rocky. I just like sleeping more.

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