Friday, March 22, 2013

Tree painting

It's spring in Texas, which means bluebonnets. All over the state children are dragged to fields (or particularly lush highway medians) and and photographed sitting surrounded by blue flowers.  It's a Texas thing.
If you want something a little different, but just as blue, Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos  and his wife, Adele, are painting the crepe myrtles at Waugh and Memorial this weekend. He actually started March 20th and I volunteered a few hours yesterday.

The pigment is biologically safe, and will wear off after a few months, but while it lasts, the trees will be bright blue. The project is a response to the loss of millions of trees during the drought of 2011 and the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.  You can read the artist's statement here.


They will also be painting trees in Galveston next weekend. You can sign up to volunteer here. I didn't actually volunteer before I went. I went to take some pictures and ended up with a paintbrush. And just so you know, the pigment washes out of hair easily with soap and water.

If you want to experience culture without risking paint splatter:

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  1. By golly. I had no idea about the trees! That's walking distance from my house. Ramona and I will have to make a foray tomorrow to see in person. Very cool--so glad you said something!