Monday, July 21, 2014

Grocery Store Discoveries

Maybe it's because they are the workhorses of the food world, but grocery stores don't get a lot of love. People get all excited about craft beer, or the boutique cheese they found at the farmer's market, but few rhapsodize about the place they buy peanut butter and milk.

I'm genuinely fond of mine. It doesn't have everything (no store on earth can do that), but it has a broad produce section that includes daikon and dragonfruit in addition to staples like apples and cabbage. I couldn't do without it.

So this post is about wonderful things I've found at my local HEB.

SoftSoap Wild Basil & Lime Handwash
I usually prefer unscented soaps; scented soaps often remind of candy mixed with fruit salad. But this stuff is enough to make me reconsider. It's herbal and citrusy, and the scent doesn't last for long, so it's a refreshing little burst of scent, but you don't have to live with it all day.

Ines Rosales Sweet Olive Oil Tortas

These are wonderful. Crisp, sweet, but not overly so. One of these is a lovely little snack with a glass of wine or an cup of tea. But they are made with olive oil, so napkins are a must. They come in almond, Seville orange, cinnamon, and rosemary & thyme. Almond is my favorite.


On sale this weekend. Aren't they gorgeous?

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