Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tomato Tarte Tatin

This is so pretty.  I wish I liked it.

It's not bad, but ... Have you ever tried a recipe and immediately thought "This needs something?"

My first thought on tasting this was this really, really needs beef. I think it would be a wonderful side with a nice chunk of rare steak, but it just doesn't stand alone. At least not for me.

If you want the recipe, it's at a beautiful blog called Manger. Even if you don't want the recipe, check it out, it's gorgeous.

If you do make this:
  • I'd reduce the amount of sugar. I find it a little sweet.
  • Like any fruit tart, this creates a lot of liquid. You will be tempted to pour it off before turning the tart out of the pan. Don't.  The tomatoes will shift and you will have to redistribute them all, which is hot and picky work, almost guaranteed to result in burnt fingers.

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