Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Weekend in the Country

Two years ago, a friend of mine decided to provide for her retirement by purchasing a farm. She's going to get back to nature and grow organic vegetables.  This weekend, I got to see the farm that I had heard so much about.

It's still February, so it's not as pretty as it will be later in the Spring, but she has some lovely oak trees.

Part of the farm was once a church camp, so there are some unusual outbuildings.

This was the bath house. I loved the faded blue paint.
The former camp office. This is where we spent the night.
While we were there, I helped plant radishes, lettuce and three rows of beets. But I did not get to drive the tractor. Anna got there first.

the queen practicing her wave
We voted on what color flooring to put in the house. (No decision as yet.) We drank a lot of wine. We also did some crafts, aka painting pine cones.  Tip: Don't dip the pine cones in paint, they soak up so much liquid they actually close up.

We hung the pine cones on the fig tree to dry.
When it was dark we roasted marshmallows. Some people made s'mores, but I maintain that a well-roasted marshmallow is perfection in itself, adding chocolate and graham crackers is gilding the lily.

I proved myself to be a useless city slicker, and fell asleep around 8pm. But that meant I was the first one up, and I got to watch the sun rise and commune with the farm cats: Angie (black) and Peanut Butter Cup (tortoiseshell).

They were miffed that I didn't know where their human kept the cat food.
The next day, I went home with three painted pine cones, a bag of brownies and an aloe vera plant. But not before I met the neighbors.

How was your weekend? And does anybody know what you do with painted pine cones?

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