Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Visit to the Yellow Rose Distillery

This past weekend some friends and I went on a tour of Houston's first, and only, legal whiskey distillery.  The tour is a bargain ($7) includes free tastes of everything they make (bourbon, rye, blended whiskey and vodka) and they even have a bar so you can take a drink with you on the tour.

Bourbon, developing flavor and character
I don't actually drink hard liquor that much. I'm more of a wine drinker. However, I did try the un-aged, un-diluted corn whisky (aka moonshine), and the coffee-flavored vodka. I will not be switching over any time soon.

raw ingredients
This is not to dissuade you from the brand.  I'm not a good judge of whisky.  I was told, by other people on the tour, (people who like whisky and coffee) that Yellow Rose puts out a good product. They have also won several awards, including a double gold medal at the World Wine & Spirit Competition, so they must know what they're doing.

Barrels full of aging liquor
I even made a purchase. Maple syrup aged in bourbon barrels, which is a wonderful (and expensive) thing. It's definitely something for a special breakfast.

The original still.
 They give a good tour. They give a brief history of the brand, the distilling method is explained clearly, the atmosphere is light, and since it's all in one room, it doesn't take that long. And did I mention, free samples?

The current version - I guess they're doing okay.

If you like to drink, have out of town visitors and can't take another trip to NASA, or you just want to do something different. I'd recommend it.

1224 N. Post Oak R.
Houston TX, 77005

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