Monday, March 10, 2014

Hermann Park - 2014

Saturday, I was at a loose end so I grabbed the camera and headed to Hermann Park. 

Hermann is my favorite of Houston's parks. It's close to the Museum District, it's home to the Miller Outdoor Theater, and unlike most of the other parks, it is not inundated with exercise fanatics. Hermann is a place to relax, people watch, sleep beneath the trees and enjoy the day. If you want to work out, go to Memorial. 

It's also a photographer's paradise, with gorgeous spreading oak trees, fountains, sculptures, reflecting ponds, a Japanese garden etc. Most weekends you will see people posing for cameras all over the park. I particularly love watching the quinceñeras, the dresses are so bright and fluffy.

2014 marks the centennial of Hermann Park, so there are a lot of things planned: performances, new art installations, and most importantly, the rose garden on the North side of the park has been bulldozed, along with the herb garden and garden center. The space is being completely re-done, but right now it just looks like a huge pile of dirt. 

This is supposed to become some kind of mount/water feature

stranded in the parking lot
 But even with the construction, Hermann does not lack charm. It also helped that the first flowers of spring were showing.
flowering pear branches

Japanese lantern and a redbud tree

Snowy egret

One of the new art installations, a house woven from twigs. 
So keep your eye on the park, who knows what's coming up next?

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