Monday, March 3, 2014

President's Challenge II

I don’t suppose you remember, but about a month ago I posted about the President’s Challenge. It was all about how I was going to get more physically fit. I even posted my pathetic numbers, so the change could be tracked. You don’t remember any of that do you?

Of course you do. People always remember extravagant promises of change. So, it’s been a month since the post and I have done…

Nothing.  I wrote the post and forgot about it until last weekend.  (Don’t look so shocked. You knew this was coming.)

One of the main reasons I don’t like exercise is that I find it boring.  It’s hard to push yourself to do something you dislike, especially without outside motivation to achieve. (like passing a course, or getting paid). This is why no-one does trigonometry for fun. 

So I’m trying something different. Instead of committing myself to a regular training schedule, I’m going to try out a lot of different activities, so I’m not locked into any one thing, and I’m always in the process of learning.  This should stave off the boredom, and if it turns out I really hate it, I’m only committed for a short period of time.

I prefer exercise classes, because then I’m committed to people other than myself, and I don’t really have to plan anything. I just have to show up, do what everyone else is doing and try not to trip.  I originally thought of doing ballroom dance classes. I love to dance – it’s one of the only forms of exercise I really like. But the cheap option at my local dance studio is $200 a month, which is a bit steep. They also keep trying to talk me into competing, in which I have no interest.

And there are all sorts of exercise classes available in the Houston area: barre, bellydance, spinning. I may even try martial arts, since there are several schools nearby, (Although I hope they have adult beginner classes. I don’t want to be in a room full of pre-pubescent boys - there's only so much embarrassment I can take.)

This month’s experiment is Jazzercise, mostly because the studio is two blocks away from my house. It’s also endorsed by Simon Doonan. If Simon Doonan (guru of eccentric fabulousness) says Jazzercise is cool, it must be worth a try. 

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  1. I was wondering how the challenge was going! Now I'm on tenterhooks waiting for a Jazzercise review.