Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring break

Every Spring, I get a little antsy about being stuck in an office all day, so I take a day off of work. There’s no plan, except to see what fate blows my way. Last year, I painted trees blue. This year, I walked thought a giant inflatable sculpture.

"Miracoco" is the latest design by a group called the Architects of Air.  Made completely of some vinyl-type of material, from the outside, it looks like a futuristic bounce house.

Miracoco, on Discover Green, Houston

On the inside, it’s sort of like Star Trek on acid. It’s trippy. What’s even more impressive is that it is all natural light. So the light dims and brightens with passing clouds and times of day. And it is amazing what they can do with the material. There are domes, apses, bridges, and oddly organic looking corridors.  

Out of focus, but it gives you a sense of how dream like it is

Half of a huge domed ceiling - I really needed a wide angle lens to do it justice

A joining of seams. If you look at the exterior picture, this is one of the star shaped parts.

I just noticed the flush of blue in the middle, isn't it wild?

branching hallways
I think this was well worth missing work for.  I can always play with spreadsheets, but how often do I get to play inside an inflatable sculpture?

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  1. Oo. I'll be honest, I had no idea this event would be as cool as it looks. I'm sorry I missed it! (Great photography--as always!--my friend.)