Friday, November 9, 2012

It's over!

 I looked for one of Romney, but he doesn't seem to inspire knitters - and this was too good not to share.

If you are like me, your reaction to the presidential election was one of relief - not so much about who won, but that I don't have to hear campaign news anymore. Listening to the press go on and on the significance (or insignificance) of a 1% dip in the polls was driving me crazy.

My recycling bin is full of election mailers. I hung up on at least one automated phone message a week, and the emails! Thank goodness for spam filters. And I don't live in a swing state - it must be absolutely brutal for the people in Ohio.

Could we shorten it? Pass a rule saying that they are only allowed to campaign for say, 6 months before election day - 6 months is an ample amount of time. They can do all the fundraising, coming up with the platform, candidate selection, etc. beforehand, but they are only allowed to importune the public for 6 months. Anyone who can't make up their mind in 6 months, isn't going to.

And while we're at it, the press would only be allowed to come on the air and speculate (i.e. say "I don't know" at length) for 1 hour a day.  It would be called "Opinion Hour" and be scheduled for the same time, every day. That way the press could stop trying to fill air time with guesswork, and concentrate on something of substance. They might even notice that there are countries out there that aren't the US and give them some real coverage.

Okay. Rant over. I feel better now.

Friday Feel Good Video
A classic.

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