Friday, November 23, 2012

When do you start Christmas?

When do you start Christmas? Not the holiday itself, but decorating the house, putting up lights, and digging out the Christmas music? I ask because all the Christmas decorations are up in the stores (they started putting them up around Halloween) a few of my neighbors have wreaths on their doors, and when I was driving through River Oaks two days ago, I saw a lighting team working on the holiday lawn display. There's still a week of November left!
Don't mistake me, I love decorating for Christmas, but having all the decorations up by Thanksgiving makes it less special for me.  If you do it too early it gets caught up in Thanksgiving, and I think each holiday is deserving its own time. Part of the fun is pulling out the decorations, remembering when you got that silver pincone or seashell Santa, and deciding where they go. It's part of the build up to the big day, and you can't have that if it's all done by the last week of November.
Also, I'm not through with Autumn yet. I haven't made any pumpkin soup, or taken pictures of the turning leaves. I haven't even made it to RenFest. Christmas can wait, I'm going to enjoy Autumn a little while longer.

persimmon tree in Montrose

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  1. One of the reasons I haven't made any of my typical autumn foods is that it's still consistently 80+ degrees outside! I'd feel a lot more Christmas-y if it were a little cooler.

    That said, I put up my decorations on Saturday. It's something of a tradition for me to decorate on the long weekend after Thanksgiving.