Monday, November 26, 2012

Texas Renaissance Festival - Final Weekend 2012

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, or just a good weekend. I was lucky enough to have both. Thanksgiving was a potluck at my friend Vero's house. I brought dessert and she very kindly kept all the pie, whipped cream and chocolate mousse I made (actually insisted on keeping) so I didn't have any leftovers to worry about. Yay!

This weekend was also the last weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival. I haven't been in years and it was too lovely a day to stay indoors - so off I went.

The Green Man
Everyone has their favorite thing about the festival. For some it's the performers:

Sholo, the Nubian -  barbarian love poetry
(Kipling's "The Female of the Species" among other things. Great voice.)

Stick juggler

Pirate magician

For others, it's the games
Test your strength

Target practice - with oh-so historically accurate paintball guns
Some people even like the food

and don't forget the turkey legs!

I did it all. It's my kind of fun: I love jugglers and magicians and really corny jokes. I got my tarot cards read (the cards say I think too much), tried my hand at the longbow (I should stick to typing) and had meat on a stick. But all in all, my favorite thing is the people watching. RenFest brings out every type of costume imaginable, even those that don't really go with the theme. Darth Maul was there, as was a lady in an 18th century powdered wig, and even a ancient Greek warrior. It's weird and mixed up, but it's a lot of fun.

Texas woodland Greek
You can't see it too well, but he's wearing mistletoe on his codpiece - oh, for a telephoto lens!

None shall pass

The Cthulu Choristers - They sang a rousing rendition of "Oh Come Let Us Abhor Him."

The Blue Faerie

What? You've never seen a man walk down the street with a drink?
One of the wedding chapels (they have four, but this is the prettiest)
She looked so sad - I gave her a dollar

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  1. I'll be honest: I haven't had a modicum of interest in attending RenFest since high school. Seems like a long drive for very little. But I LOVE these pictures!