Friday, February 22, 2013

Local holiday: Go Texan!

Today is Go Texan Day! A holiday only celebrated in Houston, and the kickoff to the the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  Everybody goes into the back of the closet and pulls out their boots, cowboy hats, concho belts and big snazzy belt buckles. It's essentially a western themed version of Halloween.

Lucchese 1883's - My boots
I don't have a hat, and I'm not partial to belts, but I love my boots. Everyone needs a pair of cowboy boots. They are the most comfortable shoes ever invented, and they have style to spare.  I currently have a pair of Lucchese's, which I adore, but what girl can live with only one pair of boots?

I am thinking about getting a pair of red boots. Or a pair of Lanes, which have turquoise soles. 

But what I really need is rodeo tickets. I love the rodeo. I'm no cowgirl. I can't ride a horse or rope a steer, but I love watching the bucking horses and the calf scramble. 

The livestock show is always fun (it's amazing how glossy you can get a cow if you brush it enough) and how about the food? There are geniuses at work inventing the most bizarre fried food on the planet. Fried twinkies and  oreos? kid stuff. Chicken-fried bacon? so 2010.  In Texas, we deep fry beer. So I have high hopes for some deep fried craziness this year.

And in a moment of cosmic synchronicity, today is also National Margarita Day!  Because what better way to end a trail ride than with tequila and lime?

Friday Fun Video
A classic from Willie Nelson. It seemed appropriate.

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