Friday, January 11, 2013

Bunheads is back! Yay!

I know real grownups are talking about Downton Abbey, and I like the show, but mostly for the fabulous period costumes and the chance to watch Maggie Smith zing somebody. She does it so well.
"What is a weekend?"
But the show I'm in love with is Bunheads, which came back on Monday. I love the cast, the wisecracks, even the ballet. I loved the writer's (Amy Sherman-Palladino) former show (Gilmore Girls) and I am so happy to see Kelly Bishop again. She has such an air of distinction, even drinking shots in the local bar. (1st episode)

I'm not a fan of ballet. My attention span for a dance performance is 30 minutes (at most).  But one of the things I like about Bunheads is that every other episode or so, there is a little dance. Nothing big or flashy (this isn't Glee), but something that realistically could be done by high school dance students.  And they are wearing costumes high school dance students would have.

The one below not only uses a favorite song of mine but features the girl I most wanted to be in high school. The cool one. She could wear black eyeliner without looking like a raccoon. She could be difficult and unpleasant and not feel apologetic about it afterwards.  Damn! but I still want to be that girl.

Great number. 2 minutes.

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  1. I've loved Maggie Smith since I saw her in "A Room with a View!" So glad to see her in such fine fettle in "Downton Abbey," getting the love she deserves. Never seen "Bunheads," so I'll have to look it up!