Monday, January 28, 2013

Places to Visit: Alexander Deussen Park

Going to visit the buffalo
This past Saturday was gorgeous; cool and sunny, it would have been criminal to stay indoors. So I grabbed my camera and headed out to Alexander Deussen Park.  

Alexander Deussen is mostly trees, fields and some playgrounds, but there's a boat launch (the park backs up on Lake Houston) a duck pond (if you need to get rid of stale bread) and a small herd of buffalo. Unfortunately, the buffalo were out Saturday, so I don't have any pictures of them. It was mostly a bird and people watching day.


I love the combination of signs. Anywhere else, they'd say "Danger! Alligators!" - here it's "Don't feed the animals"

Pelicans are like a line of chorus girls, always facing the same way.
Ducks are more chaotic, which makes them frustrating to
photograph, but more interesting.


A birthday party.
The best decorated crawfish hole I've ever seen.
Alexander Deussen is not a fancy park, with statues, fountains and formal gardens, like some I've seen in Europe (and they are lovely) but more in the American style of nature preserve. The trees are a bit sparse right now (the drought killed a lot) but it's a pleasant place to take the dog for a walk, go fishing, or have a family barbecue.


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  2. I love the pelican picture!

    And I would have loved to have seen the buffalo. Who knew?

    And now I know what a crawfish hole looks like. Seems awfully big for such a small critter!