Monday, January 7, 2013

Dealing with temptation

Today, one of the members of my team has a birthday, and not just any birthday, but her 50th. So it's a big deal. We have decorated her office, there was an announcement and of course there is cake.

And as you recall, I'm on a diet.

I've been doing well. From a high of 281.6 on January 2nd, I'm down to 275.  Not bad for five days. But I definitely want to maintain that loss. I've got a long way to go and this is the first, sugar-filled hurdle.

It's not that I'm starving for sweets, I'm not. But I don't want to announce my diet to the entire company. And the way things are done in this office, refusing a slice of cake would be rude. So I have to come up with a cake strategy.
  • eat the cake - life is short, this is a party, and I can skimp on dinner
  • take a slice, say I'll save it for a snack and then throw it out when no-one's looking
  • take a slice, eat a few bites and then (discreetly) throw the rest away.
I have extra motivation to be good, because a friend of mine is getting married in a couple months and I have the perfect dress. At the moment, that dress is a little small.  So I'm trying to remember that this is not just cake, this is going to the wedding in a really great dress. (I know, I'm shallow, but it works for me.) 

I'm wavering a bit, but that's because it's almost lunchtime and I'm getting hungry. I hope to have more resolve after I've eaten my very healthy and good-for-me lunch.

Pray for me.



    What did you do!?

    Because I find it impossible to take just one or two bites and push anything yummy away, I always opt for opting out. But, like you, I don't like announcing that I'm on a diet in a social setting, and I certainly wouldn't want to call attention to it in a business setting. So I would have gone with option two.

    So! What happened?!

    1. I ate the cake. But I was able to cut my own slice(tiny - 3 bites) and left most of the icing on the plate. So not a total disaster.