Friday, January 4, 2013

Going for a walk

My typical day involves breakfast (sitting), driving to work (sitting), work (sitting), lunch (sitting), driving home (sitting),  dinner (sitting), and maybe some reading, television or blogging (still more sitting).

One thing is clear. I need to get off my backside. Admittedly, I can't walk to work (17 miles is a little far) and since I spend most of my work life in front of a computer, I'm still sitting most of the day, but I can incorporate an after work walk into my routine. 

 I received a new lens for my camera for Christmas and I went out to play with it. All of this is within 10 minutes walk of my house and I didn't know it was there. I really need to get out more.  Who knows what else I'm missing?

Lake Houston
I think it's an eagle, or a hawk. Vulture? Are there any ornithologists out there?
Who thought hoses could be so decorative?


  1. Ramona and I typically walk for an hour every evening, right after I get home from work. Having a dog definitely helps with getting in a little off-the-tush time. I'm usually completely drained by the end of the day and would far prefer to sit on the couch, but she doesn't let me.

    Mayhaps a pup is in your future... Hmmm.


    1. It's not that I don't love dogs, because I do, but I'm not home enough for a dog.

      Besides, Bailey would object. Attempts to introduce her to my mother's dog (who is very cat-friendly) have not gone well. She might consent to sharing her house with another kitty, but not a dog.